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GreatCoins current selection of classic coins of the United States.

For our most valuable and in-demand collectible Classic U.S. Coins, go to the Eagle Eye Rare Coins website.

Welcome’s (by Eagle Eye Rare Coins) collection of Classic US Coins! We offer and sell these great US classic coins every day for collectors everywhere. For the purposes of this shop, we consider Classic US Coins to be any of those minted before 1964.

These coins all come through our shop. We’re happy to demonstrate that we get all kinds of interesting coins through here, and we’re excited to offer them to you.

Back before 1965, the US Mint made many 90% silver silver coins for common coin types. Dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollars were all 90% silver before 1965. Most of the coins you see here have numismatic value, too, meaning there is market demand for them as collectibles.

Classic coins also include another category of heavily collected US coin – the Lincoln Wheat Cent. The US Mints made wheat cents before 1959, and these are some really popular coins!

Our Classic US Coins category includes perhaps the most popular collected US coin, the Morgan silver dollar. Even the most common, low condition Morgans carry a slight numismatic premium over their silver value. So if you’re interested in acquiring silver, Morgan dollars are a great option, but you might also look to our bullion section on this site.

Other popular Classic US Coins include those beautiful Peace Dollars, Walking Liberty Half Dollars, Standing Liberty Quarters, Mercury Dimes, Indian Cents, and of course my favorite: Flying Eagle Cents. Before Flying Eagles there were Large Cents, including Flowing Hair, Draped Bust, and Braided Hair Large Cents. Classic US Coins include the Seated Liberty types that are so popular with collectors, including dimes, twenty-cent pieces, quarters, and half dollars.

The point is, there’s a little bit here for everyone, including a number of highly collected types we didn’t even mention yet! So have fun browsing around – hopefully you can find something new you’ll truly love.

We authenticate every single coin that comes through our shop, so you can rest easy knowing everything here is genuine and as-described. We have uncertified, raw coins and encapsulated, certified coins from all the reputable TPGs.

Ready to dig into our selection of Classic US Coins? We invite you to relax and enjoy yourself while on our site. People buy pieces here all the time because our pricing is competitive. So if you see something you want, don’t wait too long or it could disappear! We pride ourselves on competitive pricing, safe, secure packaging, and quickly shipping our items out. We appreciate you perusing our Classic US Coins!

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